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EES2015_1604_NeonSign_M EES2015_1695_OdenGumbo_M EES2015_1792_ShoppingCenter_MThe New Artist Photos

by Yuki Kuroyanagi

You can download and use it for our promotion !

make sure put on photo credit !!


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  1. Rock ‘n roll!
    Tom here from JPU Records / NEO Magazine. I’ve been commissioned to write about the anime Ninja Slayer From Animation, which features EES on the soundtrack.

    Would it be possible to interview you for an article about the anime which will appear on All The Anime’s website? All The Anime is the company who will release Ninja Slayer From Animation on DVD in the UK.

    Let me know! 🙂 It will only be a very short email interview. Maybe no more than 5 questions!

    Many thanks!


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